Ultra Firming Marine * Best Seller




Rebuild collagen and elastin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles:

Rejuvenates and firms skin with marine algae peptides, glycolic acid and indian gooseberry extract. This unique antioxidant anti-aging cream also boosts skin's immune system, helping prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin.  Daily use improves skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles. In clinical studies, this formula:

  • Increased skin smoothness 62%
  • Increased skin firmness 32%
  • Decreased appearance of fine lines 41%

Benefits of Ultra Firming Marine:

  • Boosts collagen production
  • Firms and smoothes skin
  • Improves skin's health and texture
  • Decreases appearance of fine lines

Key Ingredients:

  • Indian Gooseberry Extract:Firms and tightens skin and contains the highest natural concentration of photo-protective Vitamin C.
  • Glycolic Acid:Lightly exfoliates and refines skin, helping unclog pores.  This pure preparation of 15% glycolic acid strips away  dead skin cells  and uncovers the youthful glowing skin under the surface. Glycolic acid also increases hyaluronic acid, a natural water-trapping molecule in the skin that  diminishes with age.
  • Hawaiian Algae Peptides:This super concentrated combination of naturally hydrating and replenishing components is derived from sea algae extract. Laboratory testing has proven that topical application results in the production of new collagen and a dramatic immediate increase in lip hydration. 

How to Use:
Apply to cleansed skin every AM & PM to entire face.